Scholarship essay examples

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The development of civilization requires huge sacrifices. A blatant example of such a victim are students and other students groaning under the pressure of the academic machine, squeezing out of them all the juices and continuously demanding from them to demonstrate their grasp by the educational and scientific process in the form of all kinds of written reporting.

The student constantly finds himself in a situation where, in the extreme conditions of his life, he is forced to begin the process of writing something that he has not the slightest idea and what is not known at all.

The suffering of millions of students who fell victims to the modern education system was not in vain – their bitter experience was collected and generalized, so that the subsequent similar experience was the least unpleasant and most painless.

First of all, everyone should know that there is nothing to be afraid of, because this notorious academic machine has long ago survived its poison and came to self-destruction. And no matter how bold it seemed such a statement – it is confirmed by experience.

Many people think that to write any work (especially, for example, a diploma), one must sit day and night in the library and in months of creative torment give birth to a thought which then will have to be carefully documented by scientific style and shyly submitted to the court of strict specialists. All this is not so.

Do not think so and be afraid to write something for the following reasons scholarship essay examples.

First, everything is already written. Hundreds of thousands of scientists in all of its history have already covered all spheres in one way or another. One hundred hundred versus one can be said that what you are required to write from already exists. It remains only to find it, write it down, correctly edit and organize it scholarship essay examples.

Secondly, there is almost no one to be afraid of. Ninety percent of teachers are in deep ignorance about the content of hundreds and thousands of texts and studies. Again, current teachers are not able to really and objectively evaluate your writing. There are almost no people facing fear and for whom it makes sense to try. And finally, the student does not have to think much about writing a job; he must strictly follow the demands of his academic institutions – and no one will not care for him.

Thus, if you do not sleep at night, spend hours on scientific volumes, go to the library every day, catch your teacher every day, try to put your soul into scientific creativity, tremble in anticipation of authoritative assessments of your works, you will not achieve Nothing but trouble. You will lose a lot and nobody will appreciate you. Listen to these advice. And, perhaps, your best years will not be so much overwhelmed by the picky harassment of your Alma Mater.